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I have been a member of various bands, most of which you won’t have heard of except for a few. I have played a part in Spongefinger, Hefner and Dollboy. I think you will find the details on Wikipedia but they may not be accurate. I write and sing songs. I also play the Pedal Steel guitar for people who make interesting music.

News 2012

"The Sisters of St. Anthony" subscription series

I am putting out a year long series of monthly singles and exclusive B-sides entitled "The Sisters of St. Anthony" on the Audio Antihero label (Who else?). St Anthony is the patron saint of lost things. Artwork will be by people who can draw because I can't.

The first single is called the Shackleton and is about a temporal connection between the Cold War, a teenage pregnancy and a submarine hunting plane.You can stream the Shackleton (with guest artwork from Benjamin Shaw) and subscribe to this year of music for a mere £4.99. Thats the best deal, though of course you can buy the tracks separately.

Subscribe to the Sisters Of St Anthony series

view the artwork here is a composite of the artwork done by various kind people  

The "Sucky Tart"E.P is still available on the the Audio Anti-Hero label. The very talented Ben Shaw did the artwork for that. You can order it as a digital download from many online shops or you can buy a CD from Audio Antihero by clicking on the image below. Do explore the AudioAnti-Hero may well find something you like. For example I recommend anything by Benjamin Shaw.

sucky tart epaah

The title track "I Stole The Cutty Sark" is free! In an ideal world every record would have a free title track! You can download it by going to the Bandcamp link on your right.

There is also a digital release EP of two sessions I did for Dandelion Radio back in the Spring available via Bandcamp. Its called "Dandelion" and you can pay what you want for it.

I also now have some copies of the 'Practical Wireless' album for sale if you cant find one elsewhere. Its a good record produced by and with lovely artwork by Darren Hayman. It was recordedat the same time as Hefner's Dead Media in the same kitchen with the same equipment and so it has some of the same lofi synthy feel even though its really a folkish thing.


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For details of live Shows: Go to Songkick ...its much more reliable that the postings that I often forget to make on this site!


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Rough Trade


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My first album "Practical Wireless" is still available from the U.S label Absolutely Kosher They still have a mail order department even though the label has sadly closed.

Jack Hayter practical wireless

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