The folkish world of Jack Hayter   variously  heard at various times with Ralegh Long, Papernut Cambridge, Hefner, Non-Blank, Dollboy, Oliver Cherer, Neotropic , Mark Mulcahy, Pete Astor, Spongefinger ,FXU2 and others). Usually playing pedal steel or violin. Sometimes telling his own tales. Click on the Wikipedia logo at the top of the page for a fuller bio. Click on the social media tags at the top left of the page to stay informed.


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In 2014 I lived in a derelict childrens home at 50 Abbey Wood Rd. It was leaky and abandoned ...nobody had lived in it for 15 years.  I showered under a hose and I cooked with a camping stove. I slept on a bed I made from warehouse pallets...with a big stick waiting for the next break-in. It was cold but it was almost free. 

I recorded these tales in and about those days in its empty rooms.

Album out on Gare Du Nord 09-03-2018


The Sisters Of St Anthony

A 12 month long subscription series of singles released 2013-2014 plus b sides. Released by the Audio Antihero label and still available to download.

Other Audio Antihero releases

From 2010 to 2017...and probably ongoing. This is an amazing little label and at one point it was the only one that wanted to help.

file:index.html# Practical Wireless

Practical Wireless

2002 Album On the Absolutely Kosher label. Now rather rare. I have a couple of copies left, but you can download from the usual suspects.

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Do  visit the Gare Du Nord Website. A UK record label/collective founded in 2013.
 Home of the mighty Papernut Cambridge...with releases from RaleghLong, Picturebox, FXU2, HeleneBradle,y Deerful ,myself and many others

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Jack 2017 pic
Jack hayter Pedal steel at Union Chapel